Have you thought that Your organization could support youth’s cultural and educational
experiences, thus also expanding your clientèle? Do you wish to get fame and respect from
university students, specifically? If so, then get in touch with us! Our experience-festival is an event
with an legendary and long history, that makes every student’s heart thunder in their chest and
provides them motivation for continuing with their studies.

Who, exactly, are we looking for though?
• A food-provider, who’d fill the stomachs of our volunteers during the festival;
• Places related to entertainment, who would give us the opportunity to organize motivational
events for our organizational team;
• Fuel would also be nice, or a rent-car, which would help us transport needed materials;
• Different snacks;
• However, if you want to support us faster and easier, then monetary support is also fine!

What do we offer?
Our partners are divided into three categories: sponsors, supporters and friends. All partners will
receive an honorary certificate and little gift-bag from us, to show how very important the support
of organizations is for the local student community.
We have created a clear system to ensure our partners’ clear understanding of how & how much we
can reflect having included them.

  Homepage Facebook* Instagram Promovideo** Flaier Plakat
over 1000 € On our mainpage Separate post Separate post Separate frame Logo on our flyer Logo on our poster
501 € – 1000 € On our mainpage Separate post Separate post Mass-frame Logo on our flyer  
251 € – 500€ On the “supporters” page Mass-post Mass-post      
up to 250 € On the “supporters” page Mass-post        
Friends On the “supporters” page Mass-post        

SPONSORS – an organization or private person who supports organizing the Student Days with
monetary devices. We thank our sponsors publicly at every chance (eg, on interviews, in pressreleases
SUPPORTERS – an organization or private person who supports organizing the Student Days with
different methods. Support will be calculated over into euros.
FRIENDS – an organization or private person who has loaned items and materials and to whom
they will be returned after the festival.

* Award giveaways will be organized on Facebook/Instagram in separate posts.
** There will be two promovideos – the longer version will go onto screens at universities and to
Facebook, while the shorter version will be put on bus screens.

In addition to the set system we are open for different agreements that suit both sides. For example,
it is possible to place banners at the Tudengimaja, at meetingpoints or at events. We are open for
cooperation that makes both sides happy!

What next?
If you have any questions about possible forms of co-operation, then confidently contact our project
leader at She is amenable to sitting down with You and to listening
to Your ideas about both the festival and potential co-operation!

The supporters of the 2017 spring festival:

The supporters of the 2016 fall festival: