Co-organizers corner

Tallinn Student Days are a traditional experience festival, which first took place in 1995, that
propagates (university) student culture, connects students and gets them out of the house. This year,
Tallinn Student Days are happening from the 11th to the 15th of September. In co-operation with
co-organizers, the festival will have a program that consists of at least 70 different events.

A co-organizer can either be  a private or a legal person, who organizes an event for Tallinn

Student Days, whose target group is university students and whose concept meets the
existing concept of the current Student Days. When becoming a co-organizer, both sides will reach
an agreement based on their wishes to find the golden middle.
The Student Days team will support the co-organizer with interesting ideas and, if possible, with
power! In any case we will add the co-organizer to our Facebook event and posts, and to the
programme on our homepage. If this does not suit your needs, we will find a different way to bring you as the
co-organizer forward.
• The event should match Tallinn Student Days’ general concept;
• The organised event should fit into one of the following categories: culture (e.g.
exhibitions, theatre, etc.), education (e.g. trainings, seminars), sport (e.g. trainings,
competitions), entertainment (a beerpong tourney, a party, etc.), varia (dinners, flea market);
• The language used in the event does not have to be Estonian! Our goal is to include students
from other ethnicities;
• The event should be free or cheaper for a student (at least -25%);
• free events get free rooms in the Student House (Tudengimaja)
• think through when your event begins! Doubtlessly, the most popular time will be in
the evenings at 18/19 and that time will have other events as well. If you think students will
only show up in the evenings, then that’s a myth! Students’ lectures happen on very different
days and times
• For the organised event to have as many guests as possible, the co-organizers
themselves should also actively advertise the event and should make an event
that’s as exclusive as possible. The Student Days team will give all co-organizers the base of
a Facebook event header, which should be used by all co-organizers to shape a collective

1. If you got an invite, then answer it! If you haven’t gotten an invite, then write
2. Next, you need clarify the details of your event! You will be assisted by the
event coordinators, who will send you the co-organizer application.
3. After that, the Student Days team will look over your application and give you feedback.
4. Your event will be added to both our Facebook event and onto our homepage (from August).
5. A few weeks before Student Days we will send you an email to confirm that you still
want to be in the programme.
6. After that we will send you suggestions to ensure a smooth event!
7. After the festival, gratitude will await you :)… and of course, fame!

From our side, we will mention you on:
• Our homepage, on the page “Program”, where the most important information is: the
organizer, the name of the event, the date and time, the venue, the description and price!
From here, guests will get the most detailed information about the programme.
• Facebook: we mostly make mass posts, that have the details of events happening on a
certain day or in a certain category. Additionally, we add every Student Days’ co-organizer’s
poster to our photo album on the Student Day’ page. It’s possible to get extra attention if
you invite the Student Days team to try your product/service, or if you wish to give your
product/service as a prize. In that case, separate posts on Facebook, Instagram and the
Festival poster will be guaranteed! We will also add our supporter’s/sponsors’ events to the